Tile Refurnishing


– Clean out grout and caulk around the perimeter of the bathtub and three tile walls to prepare for the new primer
and finish coat.

– Acid wash over existing cast iron tub and tile to prepare the fixtures for their new finish.

– Light sanding throughout the tub.

– Install primer finish.

– Install synthetic porcelain finish in your choice of colors.


The tile in your home’s bathroom can often appear outdated and sometimes have colors that were once very popular now take you back in time. Upgrading this outdated tile can be a major undertaking as tearing off your old tiles can also damage the walls in the bathroom. Rather than go through the hassle of a complete renovation to simply update the color, consider reglazing the outdated tiles in your choice of solid or multi-color options that can resemble the colors and styles of real granite. Reglazing restores your outdated tile and gives your bathroom and fresh and modern appearance at the fraction of the price of a total ripout and disruptive renovation. Areas of the bathroom that can be reglazed include bathtubs, tile floors, ceramic tile walls and vanity countertops. The same special reglazing material can even be applied to restore worn and outdated Formica and laminate kitchen countertops to look like new at a fraction of the expense of a replacement. Many simulated granite and solid colors are available to choose from. Any ceramic tiles that are cracked or broken are repaired or replaced prior to the reglazing process.¬†

The technician first examines the tiles in order to ensure that the tile do not have any cracks or have any small areas containing chips. If there are any small cracks or chips found, they are repaired so that the final reglazed tile surface is properly completed. The bathtub and tile walls are given an acid wash along with a special primer base coat. Once it is dry, the surface is ready for the sprayed color glaze. By opting to have reglazing performed in comparison to a total bathroom renovation, the homeowner will avoid the cost of new tiles as well as new floors  Рand avoid the inconvenience, time and challenges that a torn apart bathroom brings to the home environment. Reglazing is performed at a fraction of the cost of a total new bathroom renovation Рand usually can be done and ready to use in 1-2 days.


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